Team up at Space - the Co-Creation and Event Space in Kreuzberg, Berlin.

We created Space to help people to get better results faster. We believe the future of working is creative co-working - we call it co-creativity. When everyone contributes what they’re best at in real time, you get the best results.

Creativity needs room, needs encouragement, needs impulse. Space is built to allow inspiration to unfold in an unobtrusive manner. Paired with our co-creativity experts we catapult your team to new heights.

Co-Creation & Co-Creativity FAQ

What you mean by creative working? Is this limited to people working in creative industries?
Not at all! It is true that creativity is our core business. But after working for more than 20 years for clients with very different backgrounds, we have come to realize that there is a huge craving for creativity within all industries. This is why we offer your team the possibility to be coached by experts holding many different "creative" positions (strategists, UX experts, UI and Brand designers, developers, copy writers and so forth) and who will boost the imaginative capacities of your team.
Do I have to book a coach then?
It is totally up to you. The offer ranges from booking just the location up to the possibility to have a bespoke workshop organized, it all depends on of the specific needs of your company.
But I don’t know what I need? How can I get started?
When you book our packages that include some consulting level (Orbit, Galaxy), we will sit with you and discuss your needs. We might have recommendations for you before your workshop starts or we might find out that you need a specific resource on day three. We are totally flexible and do the best we can to support you. You can always start with the package that is right for you and add on services.
How many people can I bring along?
The room capacity for events is 100 people. The ideal size for co-creation sessions is somewhere between six and 30 people, though.
And for how long can I stay?
The only limit is availability. We had teams staying for more than a week, whereas others occupied Space for a single afternoon.
Can I also book a single desk in Space?
Sadly no. Space is for teamwork only.